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Who We Are


frogsell is an extensive digital marketplace application (APP) where customers can come and discover the modernization and fun way of selling and buying both new and pre-owned products at the same time following the twenty first century’shigh-tech age.

Since its establishment in 2020, the company has always adhered to the operating principles of talent-oriented and honest business, gathered industry elites, created first-class information technology services, and provided guarantee for a high-quality trading environment for buyers and sellers.

Step Into frogsell World


With the passage of time, there are more and more commodities around us. Some are commonly used, and some are basically not used, but it has been occupying our living space. It is time to say goodbye to them. Selling either new or pre-owned items to people who really need them is a green way of life, and we are hoping to promote such a way of life.

We have built a huge trading platform, a safe trading environment, and a trading assistant who understands you.

In order to develop online products that truly meet the needs of users, we listen to every feedback from users, speed up version updates, and improve the quality of software and hardware.

What we do

Grow Together With frogsell

How We Do


We build a trading APP which allows the quick and smart way for both buyers and sellers to interact with each other independently and safely.

It is easy to get started!

Sellers can download the APP and create an account to start selling. Take up to 10 photos. Describe what you are selling. Decide your price. Get paid when your item ships. Repeat.

Buyers can download the APP and find extensive collection both new products and pre-owned goods ranging from fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports etc. They can shop the latest trends and most fashionable finds!

In subsequent versions, the online chat function and online payment function will be updated successively, and users can complete the entire process from publishing to transaction to after-sales through our APP.

In the operation process, we value user feedback, actively adjust product strategy and direction, and strive to provide excellent customer service.

Experience convenient, fast,
and with financial saving trading methods